Argan Oil Benefits for Face, Hair, Nails, Skin, Body

Argan oil offers so many benefits to beauty and health that it is no wonder it is called the miracle oil by many experts

Fatty Acid Percentage in Argan Oil; Palmitic 12.0%; Stearic 6.0%; Oleic 42.8%; Linoleic 36.8%; Linolenic 0.5%.

Argan Oil Face and Skin Benefits:
  1. Balances out oil in skin and opens pores
  2. Diminishes wrinkles, increases elasticity and tightens to the skin
  3. Neutralizes free radicals and treats acne, eczema and psoriasis
  4. Reduces redness, blemishes, inflammation and skin irritation
  5. Prevents loss of skin moisture for softer, smoother and glowing skin
  6. Nourishes dry skin, eases sunburn and is effective on scar tissue
  7. Prevents and diminishes stretch marks
Argan Oil Hair Benefits:
  1. Natural treatment for all scalp conditions such as dandruff, dry flaky scalp and scalp itching.
  2. Hydrates the hair naturally and locks moisture in, restoring luster and shine
  3. Infiltrates into the hair shafts and improves elasticity
  4. Repairs split ends and frizzy hair; very nourishing for hair growth
  5. Contains Vitamin E which makes it a fabulous agent for hair treatment
  6. Restore dry and weak hair and increases the life of color treated hair
  7. Restores damaged hair from excessive styling, perms and sun damage
Argan Oil Nails Benefits:
  1. Makes brittle nails stronger
  2. Softens the cuticles
  3. Prevent nail breakage and adds shine

In Morocco, Argan Oil has been traditionally used to ease eczema, psoriasis, chickenpox and acne. Pregnant women use it to prevent stretch marks. UK Chinese herbalist Ruth Hajioff also sings the praises of its hydrating properties: "The oil helps cell structure and permeability," she explains, "It brings water back to the lipid layers, so reducing the appearance of fine lines. Because of its plant sterols, it has anti-inflammatory properties, and so reduces redness, making it good as an after-sun aid." Source: 3 Sainani, Kristin. "Health Body News". Allure 1 February 2008